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Joanna is a Certified Biblical Health Coach and both Joanna and Jim are Certified Essential Oil Coaches,

from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

We can help you overcome stress, fatigue, obesity, and help support a healthy immune system and lifestyle with the super foods and essential oils God created combined with Biblical principles, and the best of raw, organic vitamins and supplements!

It's time to get Supernaturally Healthy!
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From Kelly Loper Turner: "GOD has blessed me tremendously, and many don't realize when you struggle in an area that it's not always easy to get back on track! Well, my weight has been an issue for 16 years. Did I gain it all at once? No, but over a period of time, I gradually gained. When GOD began to deal with me and my husband on our weight, we heard the call. He said," Kelly, how can you go forth and ministering my word if you are out of breath huffing and puffing trying to get a plane? I need you!" So guess what? GOD has put Joanna Faillace in our life over three months ago. Have we been doing everything right? No, but with what she implemented for us to follow, we do. Thanks, Joanna!"  11/2012
Loper-Turner lost 30 pounds in 3 months!

From Stephanie Hunt: "I feel absolutely wonderful, and sooo grateful to God and the work He is doing! Thanks to Joanna for being the Best Health Coach. God Bless!"

~Stephanie Hunt lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks!  12/20/2012

From Debbie Hester:  Deliverance from a 20 year diet soda addiction!
"I always thought I was doing well for my body and being healthy by drinking diet sodas. I have been drinking diet sodas for over 20 years. I attended the Super-Naturally Healthy Presentation conducted by Joanna Faillace on March 6, 2010 at the New Life Community Church's Women's Ministry Luncheon in Louisa, VA.

I found out different that day with God’s guidance through his servant, Joanna. Joanna presented her Super-Naturally Healthy Ministry by talking about how we can make our bodies healthy and strong as well as our families by using the whole foods God created.

Joanna taught that many of the foods that we eat/drink today are made with preservatives, dyes, artificial sweeteners, etc. that are not good for us. She reminded us that our bodies are God’s temple. Wow, I thought with what Joanna was presenting and my bad habits, that God was speaking directly to me!

 She counseled that diet sodas were not good for our bodies. Definitely then, I saw a red flag that God was laying this on my heart. Joanna explained with the artificial ingredient, Aspertame, found in diet sodas, that our bodies break it down into the toxic preservative, formaldehyde. It was sickening when I heard that!

To think what I have been doing to my body for so long. I had the urge to change and decided I wanted to do something about it. After her presentation and the wonderful luncheon all with the whole organic foods, I was able to speak with Joanna personally.

I told her about my diet soda addiction and how long I had been drinking them. Joanna asked me if it was my wish to stop drinking them. I explained that after hearing her presentation that it was my desire to stop drinking diet sodas.

Joanna prayed with me and asked for God to deliver me from this addiction and to take away any cravings I would have for them.

I really felt in my heart God’s deliverance from this addiction. To God’s glory, I have not had any diet sodas since that day, (one month!) and do not have cravings for them! Hallelujah! Praise God!

The first week without diet drinks was extremely hard on my body as I was going through withdrawals from not drinking them. I felt tired and really was feeling I needed the caffeine that I had been getting from them.

I was determined not to turn back into that addiction and have been drinking primarily water and some unsweetened tea since that day. I feel much better now!

To God be the Glory for using Joanna’s Super-Naturally Healthy Ministry in breaking my bondage of the diet soda addiction!"

Testimony by: Deborah Hester 4/8/2010